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Interview Project December 15, 2009

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Research On Social Media Report PDF


Survey Research Project December 10, 2009

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Survey Research Project PDF

Survey Research Project Blank Survey

December Survey Results

The Importance of Being You November 12, 2009

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With the semester coming to an end, I find myself reflecting on the wonderfully confusing past couple of months that have brought me to where I am now– still confused, but more eager than ever.

Everything I thought I knew about PR has been proven wrong. I was anti-Twitter and thought blogs were for anti-social nerds (sorry people). But look at me now- beginning blogger, daily tweeter, and PR enthusiast that can somewhat talk the talk. Ok, so all of these new time-consuming tools have turned me into somewhat of an anti-social nerd, but I don’t mind it!

Over the semester we’ve had the pleasure to hear from many different guest speakers, working in PR or journalism, about their journey toward success. They all offer similar tips:

  • Know your audience
  • Network, network, network
  • Read until you’re blue in the face
  • Brand yourself
  • Perform above your tasks
  • Tailor your pitch

The list goes on……

I desperately jotted down every bit of advice the speakers have shared. I felt like I was getting some kind of insider information that I could put together and make a perfect formula for how to be an instant PR mogul. Wrong.

I quickly got discouraged, realizing that it’s too late for me to be the president of this or chief organizer of that… I listened to each PR superstar tell their story, and I began to grow bitter (Yes, “jealous” could be another good adjective for that).

Then it hit me! What do all of the guest speakers have in common

Individuality and Confidence

I realized that each person has their own sense of self they are not afraid to expose. They know they are smart and valuable to the PR world so, they went out and showed it.

We are sometimes so worried about doing things the “right way” that we lose our individual flair, especially if we lack confidence.

It’s still incredibly valuable to learn from others, but be confident in your skills. Take the advice from others and make it relevant to you as an individual.

Lesson learned: It’s not about jotting down someone else’s success story, it’s about creating your own.

Mid-Term Project for PR Issues October 26, 2009

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In our PR Issues class, we were challenged to create a mock campaign for a variety of current issues. Our teacher will award the group with the best campaign A’s for the rest of the semester. With such a high ante, our group meant business when we picked the NYC public school system as our “client” in response to the Hoxby charter school study.  We decided to create a Web site since a Powerpoint presentation seemed to elementary for such high stakes. Check it out! http://academicapple.webs.com/

Stay tuned for winner results!

Chick-fil-A Social Media Project September 23, 2009

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Hello world! September 22, 2009

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